Beautiful Movement

We had a wonderful Practical Course at Integral Yoga Institute last weekend.  Seventeen students came from all over the world to study Ohashi Method.  Because this was a very intimate class with only 17 students, each and every one of them was able to receive touch directly from me at least three times.  They very much enjoyed it.

It is wonderful to see beginners and professional bodyworkers alike improve and change how their bodies move.  When your body moves right, with less effort and greater efficiency, your whole self feels better. This is particularly important for bodyworkers who give so much of themselves. But it is important for everyone.

Poor posture causes many physical pains. With poor posture your muscles are stretched all the time. This makes them feel sore and tired because they are working when and in ways they don’t need to be. Poor posture means you are working against gravity. Using gravity and being in tonus (relaxed alignment), means your posture will improve. When we teach the Ohashi Method (or Ohashiatsu), we teach students how to use gravity and their Hara ~ your center of being, movement and strength ~ which many now call your “core.”  When you learn to move from Hara, your body moves with less effort ~ in everything you do ~ and more efficiently.  When you move from Hara, your whole life improves and becomes easier.

Some students took short videos during the course so you may see them on YouTube soon. There are already many videos to be seen there of our instructors and of me teaching around the world. We have our own channel on YouTube, “ohashiinstitute” which we will soon be expanding. So I hope you all enjoy!

On Monday, Bonnie and I will fly to Valencia, Spain.  Valencia is like a small Paris because of the beautiful architecture of the older section of the city. There I will teach Healing Scarf Therapy, Emotional Problems and Meridian Therapy, and Oriental Diagnosis, from May 3-6.  I will teach in English with translators, so if you want to fly over and join us, we would be so happy!

Health & Peace,


For more information on studying the Ohashi Method/Ohashiatsu, log on to, or  You may also LIKE our fan page on Facebook.


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