Crawling for Adults

Many of us know that babies’ crawling stage is a vital step in their development.  But did you know that crawling can help improve health for adults?

Because we depend so much on our linear-thinking and computer skills in today’s technological society, we aren’t developing both sides of our brain.  We primarily rely on only one half of our brain – the left side, which controls logic, math, language, reading, reason, analysis, detail, short-term memory, repetition, and structure, to name a few.  Right-side brain activity – individuality, creativity, emotions – is actually discouraged in our culture.

When the brain is balanced, both sides communicate and we are able to perform different types of more tasks easily.

Without continually developing the right hemisphere of our grey matter — which controls creative thinking, rhythm, facial recognition, long-term memory, emotions and dreams — we may miss out on “big picture”, have trouble piecing ideas and concepts together, and lack vision. When the brain is balanced, both sides communicate and we are able to perform different types of more tasks easily.  It helps in problem solving, creative thinking for ideas and projects, and reduces mental stress.

Another potential problem in our modern lifestyle is that muscle tightness, and some say even trauma, can also interrupt the connections between the right and left brain, which may result in poor coordination of spinal muscles (which may lead to joint and vertebrae misalignments), and even allergies.

Cross-patterning exercises can help alleviate the symptoms of trauma, and, perhaps more importantly, can improve our overall performance at work and play, greatly improving our quality of life.

You can find some formal re-patterning or cross-patterning exercises, or why not just do it the old-fashioned way?  Get down on the floor and crawl around.  What will you gain?  How about the benefits of:

• Balance of the right and left brain hemispheres
• Improved coordination & spatial awareness
• Left/Right hemisphere brain balance
• Reduced stress
• Emotional balance
• Improved memory
• Improved mental clarity
• Improved vision
• Stimulation of the lymphatic system
• Better flow of the cerebral spinal fluid

• Spelling, writing
• Reading & comprehension

Crawling feels wonderful on the back, brings you a little more down-to-earth, and your young children or pets will love you for it!

And if you want to add to your crawling experience, take an Ohashi Method/Ohashiatsu course near you!  This unique form of bodywork uses crawling, or cross-patterning, as the backbone (pun intended) of its movement techniques.  So while you’re having fun taking an Ohashi Method course and helping yourself with cross-patterning, you can make your friends and loved ones feel great, too!

For courses in the US, log on to, and LIKE us on Facebook . We hope you join us soon and learn to crawl toward better health!



  1. Hazel Chung · June 2, 2012

    Excellent – Articles like this communicates easily to everyone. It propels Ohashiatsu into world wide atmosphere! Thank you.
    In touch/Hazel Chung

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