The year of 2022 just arrived. In the Eastern calendar, this is the Year of Tiger. And the “Tiger” represents independence and self-governing, also socially isolated from others. Those attributes represent life for many people in 2022 as the pandemic continues to influence life-styles.

Personally I became 77 years old in 2021 — double “7” — which is considered a lucky number in Eastern culture. Last year was an epoch-making year for our society because of the Covid virus. We all experienced social, political, financial and even psychological changes. 

I cancelled all of my in-person teaching, in the US and Europe. I have not traveled overseas since 2019, which is a life-style change for me. I discovered that I had a lot of time to review, reassess, then create a new destiny. Fortunately, I have 50 years experience of teaching and practicing, and accumulating a lot content. So, I rearranged my “contents” into Zoom education. 

We converted the basement of our house into a TV studio, produced several programs, and had lots conversations with students everywhere. For Zoom education, I had to retrain myself how to teach in front of cameras, without an audience before me. It was not easy. The first few occasions, I felt uneasy and “incomplete”.

Fortunately, our students gave me advice and encouragement, which I really appreciate. This year, a year of double 7, will be my luckiest year. I want to expand my luck and happiness into online education and reach more students and colleagues. Please continue to give me advice and comments, guide me, in order to improve my teaching.


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