Stephane Vien Stéphane Vien says:

One of the first things that struck me when I met Sensei Ohashi is his spontaneity and innovative approach to teaching. “Do not believe anything that I say to you,” Ohashi said, “make your experiences, learnings and draw your own conclusions.” What a breath of fresh air, what a potential for discoveries!

With humor and enthusiasm, Ohashi Sensei invited us to explore a world of opportunities, both on the practice of shiatsu itself and its potential impact on our lives.

Each of my meetings with him gave me the opportunity to see this philosophy in action. He was always open to our questions and our requests for explanations. And he made sure to give us food for thought and exploration so we could go further in the integration of knowledge and know-how he transmit to us.

Over the years, I often felt that the teaching of Sensei Ohashi had something timeless and the legacy he passed was of great wealth. In addition, his extensive knowledge of the art of shiatsu and pedagogy made his teaching extremely lively and dynamic.

In Japanese, Ohashi means “big bridge”. Which perfectly represent Ohashi Sensei and his work as a bridge between tradition and modernism.


Sensei Ohashi and Stéphane Vien, circa 1980

In his letter, Ohashi Sensei mentioned that I’ve always been a student aggressive and demanding. Actually, I think it is his openness and hospitality that allowed me to dare asking all my questions and express my needs.

I owe a lot to this dynamic and colorful man who gave me access, with extraordinary generosity, to a universe of knowledge and opportunities.

I invite you to discover books and videos Ohashi Sensei. These are valuable tools for shiatsu therapists.

Ohashi’s popular book, Beyond Shiatsu, is now an eBook. This book not only shows you how to use the techniques, but – and more importantly – how to let your body work for you, preventing fatigue and injury.  http://www.ohashi.com/ebooks/

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